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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

About our in-store stock

We currently stock complete 250, 400, 600 & 1,000 watt H.I.D. light systems, from Extrasun, Phantom & Quantum, as well as cutting edge L.E.D. grow lights, compact & T-5 high intensity fluorescents.


We have a nice selection of nutrients from ADVANCED NUTRIENTS, FoxFarm, Botanicare, Age Old Organics, General Hydroponics, Hydrodynamics & Technaflora. We have fans, filters, mylar, rockwool, hydroton, pumps, tubing, misters, timers, air stones, books, DVD's, netpots, light tracks, P.H., T.D.S. & light meters and much more, ALL IN STOCK!


We now carry 29% Hydrogen Peroxide for a healthy reservoir. Also we can drop-ship Predator Mites

Check it out!


We now offer the complete "House and Garden" line of nutrients from William Van de Zwann in the Netherlands. You can't beat the Quality of these products.

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